Bits and Bobs – YoP 20/21 – Week 51

Hello everyone! I can’t believe it’s almost the end of the Year of Projects (Ravelry) year. I’m looking forward to reflecting on the progress on my list next week, which actually is a bit better than I think it is!

I’ve got a bunch of random things to share with you today, there’s been lots of knitting but nothing has been finished. I’ve been steadily making progress on Princess Fiona and the Great Western Way shawl, which I’m actually hoping to finish off this week! I’ve also put in some work on the Pride rainbow socks, but after putting in the heel I think they may be too small so I need to so some thinking about that.

Honestly, that’s kind of a boring part of my week haha! I’ve had a few days off, so on Thursday I went down to the beach to visit my parents who were renting a house down there for a few weeks. I had a great time with them, and we did a little yarn, tea, and book shopping.

Yesterday we had knitting club as normal, and we all wore our overalls that we made last week! I think the first photo kind of looks like a folk album or something. I love this little group we’ve formed. We bought our tickets to Rheinbeck this week and I CANNOT wait!

And then I’ve been doing a little sewing! Today I cleaned up the linen tee I made a few weeks ago, there wasn’t good instructions (or I might have missed them) on what to do with the inside seams, so I cleaned them up today using what I learned making the overalls. I was able to learn how to make buttonholes using the machine, and though with all my testing it probably took longer than just doing the loop as the pattern instructed, I didn’t have to do fiddle-y hand sewing!! The button was also attached with the machine. I also made some reusable cotton pads, and one the second two I played around with some stitches on my machine.

This weekend also included seeing In The Heights in a theater, hanging at my favorite brewery with my sister, and enjoying bubble tea and chatting with a really good friend. It’s just been awesome and so relaxing. On my last day off tomorrow, I plan to do some fabric shopping, though I won’t be able to sew anything until my printed patterns get sent here.

How was your week? Are you working on anything fun?


  1. What an absolutely wonderful week it sounds like you’ve had. Seeing family, seeing friends, buying yarn…perfect. I love reading the year end posts and seeing the roundup of everyone’s items, so I’m looking forward to yours next week.

    1. What a wonderful happy post. Love the pic of you all in your overalls, yes you do look as if a song is imminent, or maybe some line dancing.

  2. What a week! I’m so happy to hear you’re still sewing – yay! And some time at the beach sounds amazing – I’m glad you were able to go!

  3. You are doing so well with your sewing. The photo with all of you in your overalls is so cute. I really like the color of your Princess Fiona. Your shawl is moving along quite well as are your socks. What a joy to get to spend a day with you folks at a beach. Add in shopping and it is a perfect day.

  4. That sounds like a pretty great week! Your overalls and knitting projects are all beautiful 🙂 You and your friends do look like a folk group! What beach were you at?

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the overalls! The improved inside seams are great on your top, they wont get all gross and stringy now!
    I’m bummed the socks might not work out. Nothing is more annoying than putting in a ton of work on some socks only to have to abandon them or rip them out. (Insert a sad faced emoji)

  6. Knitting friends are indeed treasures. Hmmm your visit to the beach sounds more like mine. … you didn’t mention actually spending time in the sand. I’d rather hit the yarn store and the local brewery.

  7. It really sounds as if you had a grand time – the yarn is so pretty and I really hope that Rhinebeck can take place this year! It must be absolutely fantastic 🙂 Hooray for the sewing and the WIPs, even if nothing is done yet, it’s great progress! AND you held on throughout the year, that’s a big accomplishment as well!

  8. That sounds like a great week! I hope you can figure out an easy fix for the socks, but I know that’s not always easy to do. My usual fix for socks that are too small is to give them to someone with smaller feet, LOL.

    I finally got to spend some time with family this past week too, it was so nice. And I have cast on a pair of rainbow socks, though there are no plans to try to finish them during Pride month. I just wanted to knit some fun stripy socks.

  9. I love how you made those overalls together. I have a monthly craft night with great neighbors. I wish sometimes I had close girlfriends my age to craft/knit/sew with.

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