July WIP Wrap-Up

Hello friends! So apparently April and July are just… months I don’t blog haha. But I’ve been doing a ton of knitting and I’m excited to share it all with you. Hoping to be more present in this space in August, but with me you never know.

WIPs/UFOs on July 1:  4

(Grandma ShawlLarksfoot blanket, Princess Fiona, Pride Socks)

Projects cast on in July: 1

(Secret Test Knit Socks)

Projects cast off in July: 2

(Princess Fiona)

WIPs/ UFOs on July 31: 4

(Grandma ShawlLarksfoot blanket, Princess Fiona, Pride Socks)

August 1 WIPs (minus secret test socks)

Blanket squares completed: 9

New Blanket count – 108 (23%)

Total Stitches in July: 70,387

Since it’s been so long I have like… too much to say haha! Since I last blogged, I’ve finished the Great Western Way shawl (in June) and my Rheinbeck sweater, Princess Fiona. FO posts on those coming soon. Since finishing my sweater a few days ago, I’m trying to figure out what I want my next big project to be. I worked a little on my Grandma shawl, but it’s a but tedious with all that entrelac. I think I’m going to start another sweater, though I also have plans to knit some socks for my cousin.

Sadly, the pride socks are still on the needles. I don’t really know what I was thinking, I started the heels WAAAY too early, and because I was using size 0 needles, they’re even smaller than that. So I feel like I just need to tear them out and do them right but I haven’t had the energy for that.

In blanket land, I made a bunch of progress (9 total squares!) the last few days. I’ve decided that I am going to make this in four quarters and seam together, so that the lines on the squares will meet in an X in the middle. I am doing this primarily because I don’t like how the non cast on edges look compared to the cast on edges. This way, all the edges will be cast on edges. I think it will also fix some of the funkiness due to the fact that my gauge has loosened a bit since starting this in 2016. The one problem with this plan is that it commits me to the 480 total squares, but that’s what I wanted in the first place, and it does look like a good size, since I’m currently at 9×12, and each quarter will be 10×12.

I’m looking forward to catching up with you all soon!

July 1SE


  1. The fit issue with the pride socks sounds frustrating. (I’ve been there before. Usually I solve the problem by giving the socks to my sister, who has smaller feet than I do.)

    I look forward to seeing your finished Princess Fiona sweater!

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