Luckenbach & Variation – Sock it to Me Monday

Hello everyone! It’s time to show off some socks I’ve completed recently, and it just so happens that they have the same stitch pattern in common! Well, i mean, it’s not that unusual, I really liked the pattern on the first pair, so I used it on the second. You might remember me talking about jumping in to a new, detailed test knit not too long after finishing my crazy large test knit, and while I finished those socks a while back, the pattern was just released last weekend, so it’s finally time to show them off!

Green and brown socks with a diamond and honeycomb cable pattern.
  • Pattern: Lukenbach by Sarah Dawn. Part of Nomadic Knits Issue 10
  • Yarn: Deep Stash, Rain City Knits is Wasabi and Knit Picks Stroll in Cork 
  • Timeline: Cast on 5/12/21; cast off 5/30/21

These socks were really fun to make, though definitely a bit time and labor intensive, with the cabling and extra calf increases. I do think they started a little too large, so if I were to make again, I would either do toe up and increased as I go, or just start with a smaller number of stitches and decrease less aggressively. I called these socks my “Wasabi Soy” socks because I chose to go with a brown foot since I wouldn’t have enough so I chose a corresponding brown to go with the “Wasabi” colorway. My friend said they looked like Yoda though.

  • Pattern: Made up by me, using the Diamond pattern from Lukenbach above
  • Yarn: Nox Yarn Sol Sock, Snowdrift set
  • Timeline: Cast on 5/12/21; cast off 5/30/21

So for the past week, my cousin Aislyn was visiting. On the first day she arrived, she mentioned “I don’t have any handknit socks” and so of COURSE I had to make her some! I literally cast these off at family dinner last night, which was the last time I was seeing her before she gets back on a plane to Seattle, therefore they are not blocked or anything. I really enjoyed making these for her! This is my favorite type of sock to make, doing my own thing with the toe, heel, and ribbing, then putting in a stitch pattern from something else I’ve done or from another sock pattern that I can just memorize and go. I worked on these socks at breweries, getting a pedicure, and driving to and from a wedding, most of it with Ais, and I hope she feels the love I put in every stitch.

The past week has been a little hectic, but super fun! We did a lot of family stuff with my cousin, and my sister, who lives in Boston but spent most of the week with me. I had Monday-Wednesday off, and we watched a lot of Olympics, ate a lot of good food, and drank a lot of good beer. The week capped off with my other cousin’s wedding, which was an amazing celebration. It was so wonderful to spend time with family!


  1. All of your socks are so cute! I agree with the Yoda comparison 🙂

    You look lovely at the wedding! I’m so happy you were able to gather with your family!

  2. Looks like your family had a great gathering! Both of the pairs of socks turned out really nicely—I love how at first glance, the first pair looks like you’re wearing short brown shoes over the green socks.

  3. The socks look great – I eally love patterns like this, they go so fast once the first sock is done, because you simply have to count down the repeats for the second one! The colours remind me a lot of mint chocolate, by the way. 😉

    Congratulations to your cousin and thank you so much for the photos – what a beautiful happy family you are!! you all looked fab and super photogenic! (Do you have new glasses, by the way, or did they just shimmer white in that one photo?)

    1. Yes, I love those type of patterns too! Easy to memorize yet still look super complex

      Yes, I actually don’t think I’ve shown my face since I’ve gotten these glasses haha! They’re like rose gold so sometimes they reflect different things and look white.

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