Quick and Easy Barley Light

This doesn’t feel like quite enough for a full post, but I want to get this care package in the mail to my friend so here were go!

  • Pattern:  Barley Light  by Tin Can Knits
  • Yarn: Merry&Mae Superwash Sock in the Non-binary Pride colorway
  • Timeline: Cast on 8/29/21, cast off 8/30/21

This was a fun little hat I made in two days thanks to some insomnia, outdoor concerts, emissions testing, church meeting and generally not much else to do 😋 Tin Can Knit patterns are just so fun and easy. The pooling on this one did slightly interesting things, but I actually like how it ended up coming out.

One thing I did on this one was to turn the work after the ribbing. Whenever I do 1/1 ribbing, I feel like the right side always looks really messy, but the backside looks ok. So on this hat, I tried turning the work so that what was the wrong side was now the right side. It actually worked great, the ribbing looks so much neater! I will definitely keep this in mind for sweaters and such. There’s a little bit of a hole where I turned, but I slipped the first stitch and then was able to shimmy the yarn about so it closed right up. After blocking, the difference is a little less extreme but I still do like this method and I’ll use it again.

Non-binary knitted care package

I also finished up fixing the thumbholes on the mitts I made last year. I don’t think they look as neat but they are definitely less tight so they will actually be worn. I hope my friend loves this little care package I made for them!


  1. Awesome hat!! I’ve been casting about for a pattern to knit for our refugee center. The hat will be really useful… not sure about the packer for the Afghani refugees… 🙂

  2. That’s a great hat! I actually love the way the pooled stripe turned out. And the glove pattern is really cool! I must look into that one. (I think that every time I see you post them. Going to go actually do it now, LOL.)

  3. It looks great, all of it! The mittens and the hat are such a nice combo, and the packer looks actually quite comfy to wear (not that I can judge, but hey!).
    I totally hear you on the ribbing, I only have done it once so far (on socks for my little niece), but I totally agree, the little hole you get is a little annoying, but it works so well.

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