August WIP Wrap-UP

Happy September! I can’t believe we’re almost 3/4 of the way through the year…. crazy. It’s time for another WIP wrap up and I did some really awesome stuff this month 😀

WIPs/UFOs on August 1:  4

(Grandma ShawlLarksfoot Blanket, Pride Socks, Secret Test Socks)

August 1 WIPs (minus secret socks)

Projects cast on in August: 5

(Ace Socks, Feels Like Summer Crop, Ace Pride Socks, Soft Packer, Barley Light)

Projects cast off in August: 5

(Ace Socks, Secret Test Socks, Feels Like Summer Crop, Soft Packer, Barley Light)

Projects frogged in August: 1

Pride Socks

WIPs/ UFOs on July 31: 3

(Grandma ShawlLarksfoot Blanket, Ace Pride Socks)

September 1 WIPs

Blanket squares completed: 6

New Blanket count – 114 (24%)

Total Stitches in July: 106,033

Days stitch goal (2,700 or dropping stitches): 16

Highest Rolling 12 stitch count: 985,978

Like I said above, I’m really happy with my progress this month. This was my second highest average stitches per day since I started tracking stitches last year, second only to November. Those are the only two months when I’ve done more that 100K stitches in the month. Deciding to try and get to 1M stitches has kind of lit a fire under me haha! As you can see above, I’ve decided to add some tracking of that. I had a few really good days this month that corresponded to days I didn’t knit much last year, which means I’m headed in the right direction for my million stitch challenge!

I also can’t really believe how many small projects I started and finished this month! Sometimes I really like feeling the productivity of smaller items which I can finish pretty quickly. I am doing an awesome job of meeting my goal of having less than 5 non-blanket WIP, and I’m down to 3. I’m not sure that number will get much smaller as I don’t really have a big desire to work on the blanket or the shawl, so once the socks are done I’ll probably cast on something new.

My knitting goals for September include finishing the Ace Pride socks, and getting at least 6 blanket squares done so that I’m done with the first 1/4 of the blanket. I do have a week of vacation at the end of this month, and I plan to do a lot of knitting then. I’m still not sure what big project to cast on next, but I’ll probably have it figured out by then, and hope to do a lot of knitting during that time. I’m going up to Lake Placid NY and hopefully there will be some gorgeous scenery and cool fall nights perfect for wool.

A few recent test knits I completed are also being released in September, including (I think) that giant project I worked on in the spring/summer, and I literally can’t wait to show it off!!! What are you all planning for this month?


  1. Aw man I love this post so much – congratulations!! You really have been on fire this month, it’s fantastic. It’s so great to see that your blanket goal is already working out and that you are so motivated! Are the Ace socks for the same friend who got the care package? (If that is not too personal)

  2. Wow! You made some great progress in August – LOTS of forward motion on multiple things. That’s fantastic! Your trip to Lake Placid sounds absolutely perfect for this time of year. We have family that lived in Watertown and I enjoyed our summer visits there. Hope you have lots of relaxing knitting time!

    PS I was going to ask if you have some magic spreadsheet calculator to figure number of stitches in a project, or if you use just plain ol’ fashioned maths to get your stitches per project?

    1. For stitches, I do a little bit of both. The socks for example, I just put a locking stitch marker in each day and then count the rows and multiply. For larger projects, I spend some time before I start/ as I go putting the number of stitches per row in to a separate spreadsheet for each project.

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