Monkeys and Mysteries – YOP 21/22 – Week 15

Happy Sunday! Checking in with a Year of Projects post today. Year of Projects is a group of bloggers who plan their projects for the year and then blog about their progress weekly, usually on Sundays. You can find my list for the year here.

FYI, spoilers for the WeskKnits Shawlography MKAL coming up. Feel free to skip if you’re following along.

It’s going to be a quick one today, as I am EXHAUSTED. But on the knitting front, I did finish my Ace socks last Sunday on my vacation, and the next day cast on a pair of Monkey Socks. Well ish, changes were made as I’m doing them toe up, so they’re more like upside down monkeys with a different heel. I still haven’t sewn in the ends of my Ace socks or blocked them. I forgot a tapestry needle on my trip, so I had to graft using an embroidery needle, which I do not recommend. And then I promptly forgot about them and they’ve been sitting in the bottom of my backpack since I got home Wednesday.

My knitting time this weekend was taken up by Shawlography, the West Knits knitalong. Even though there were parts of it that slightly made me roll my eyes (those icord loops, really?!), I generally have loved working on this. I stayed up WAYYY too late yesterday trying to finish it last night, which I did. Yeah, I didn’t do much besides knit yesterday. But I am LOVING the color combo I chose so yay! I feel similar to how I felt last year – nothing in this shawl is really difficult, but the way Stephen West combines patterns and colors and directions just makes it so fun to make, and it looks so hip and fancy!

Fun little snippet from my life this week – today was my best friend’s birthday, so we headed to this corn maze and made our way though it. They had signposts with questions and then you followed the way of the right answer. We only got lost a few times, and it was super fun, even with the rain starting to fall. We then came back to our place and had apple cider and apple cider donuts. All in all a great afternoon.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Loving your socks! And great progress so far on the new shawl. That sounds like a great birthday outing, especially the apple cider donuts. (My favorite and hard to find out here!)

  2. I love Monkey Socks! I might knit another pair… the first pair I made ended up too small and I had to give it to my mom. The shawl colors look great! I don’t know that I would have had the patience for icord loops, though. (I barely have the patience for icord edgings.)

    1. Ohh yes, i have made the pattern once before and forgot how much i enjoyed it, i think I will need to add them to my sock pattern rotation. The first pair i made i kind of cast on too tightly, so I think I will continue doing them toe up.

      1. I don’t mind Kitchener stitch, but I never seem to cast on loosely enough when I do top down. I usually find that if I want to cast on a new sock, I tend to gravitate toward toe up so that’s where I tend to land

  3. I love those socks and you’ve reminded me that somewhere in the house I have one single Monkey Sock that has been needing a pair for longer than I care to remember. I wonder where it is? I have never had apple cider donuts but right now I can’t think of anything I want more!

    1. hah! I had never really considered this until Anne commented saying that they were hard to find where she was, but i think it might be a New England in the fall thing? They are a bit ubiquitous in the fall around here.

  4. Loving your sock and shawl projects! The outing for your friend’s birthday sounds amazing — now I want apple cider donuts! 😀

  5. I love your Monkey socks! The shawlography looks lovely and everyone always says they love his patterns. I will have to try but an easy one…lol! The colors you chose are great together! Have a great week! Oh, the corn maize sounded like fun!

  6. I have been loving the shawlography updates. I did think about doing it but whilst I love the process of a Stephen West KAL I just don’t use the end product, so I will content myself with watching others!

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