Too Many Things To Say

So is it just me, or does this happen to others? You skip a week or blogging, then suddenly it’s almost a month. And you have stuff to talk about, but there’s a lot, including pictures you want to share and yarns you want to link, and the idea of sitting down and doing all that just feels like too much work? Anyway, that’s where I’m at. I’ve missed blogging a bit but kind of wish it took less time. Maybe I need to lower my expectations as to what I want my posts to be.

Lots of knitting has been happening though, and I’ve finished two major projects recently – my Shawlography and Wavelength Sweater. I’m super happy with how both of them turned out. Recently I’ve been having fun recording a podcast again. This is something I had done pretty frequently a few years ago but got out of the habit of. So I recorded one last week, and another one is uploading now. More details about both these projects and a few others can be found there. I’ve embedded the first one below, and when the second one uploads you can find it by searching Backstage Knits podcast.

Episode 35

Hope to see you all soon!


  1. You have completely summed up how I feel about podcasts. It’s so hard to get out of the habit of something and then back into it! I absolutely adore the colors you picked for your shawl. It’s a stunner!

  2. Loved listening to you chatting to us about your projects and life. The shawl is stunning and I love the way you wear it. The socks look as if they will be cosy.

  3. Kathryn, I know the feeling – enjoy sharing our travels through our blog posts but sometimes the thought of sitting down to edit and organize photos and compose the narrative is just too much – I find stubbing out the photos first helps me to get started and then I go back and add the commentary/narrative. I also decided to just make the posts shorter!

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