Definitely Not a FO Yet Friday

Hello friends!

Today I’m coming at you with a quick update. I don’t really have much to share, because my knitting has been 100% monogamous for the past two-ish weeks. I haven’t even brought my socks places, I’ve just been slowly plugging away at the test knit for the Cempasùchil top. It’s a lot of knitting, but I’m absolutely loving it. The slip stitch pattern is monotonous but in a good way and somehow even more relaxing that plain stockinette. The texture created by this pattern is absolutely HEAVENLY, I can’t wait to wear it!

I have 8 more rows (which I’m hoping to get through today) and then I can start the raglan section! So that will be really slow going for a while, since the rows will be 500+ stitches for a bit. But I’m still on track to finish this by the 31st, which I wasn’t sure was going to happen when I had to rip out 5 inches of the body.

So yep, this is going to be the extent of knitting content for the next few weeks. I sometimes like to intersperse projects, but usually when I’m doing test knits I like to be pretty monogamous so I can provide feedback quickly and get it done. And that’s especially true now when I have another test knit that is due in March and I haven’t even started yet.

I hope everyone had a nice week and is gearing up and/or down from various winter holidays! I’ll be back on Sunday for a YoP check in which will probably be a new Vlogmas video.


    1. Well the good (?) news is that I had to fully restart because the stitch counts were very very wrong on the entire body and ribbing. So I didn’t have to try and pick apart a pattern, I just started from scratch!

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