Blanket Updates

Hello everyone! How was your week? Mine was nice, I had auditions Sunday and Monday, and callbacks Wednesday. It was definitely a little stressful being around a lot of people who were singing, but I was double masked the whole time and felt about as safe as I think I’m going to feel. It still feels slightly reckless to be producing a show right now, but I’m leaning towards feeling more excited than scared. It was definitely a bit exhausting to be out multiple nights in a week, so I’ll need to get used to that for sure.

So in somewhat shocking turn of events, I have actually kept up with knitting a blanket square every day! I put together a schedule this week, and it actually worked out perfectly in that if I want to finish the blanket this year, I have to knit a square every day except two each month. So 29 in Jan, 26 in Feb, 28 in April, etc. And if I want to get through just quadrants two and three, it’s every day but 12 each month. I’m still not sure this is sustainable as we get farther into rehearsals, but we shall see. Maybe I can make up for some of the busy-ness of the week on weekends? This week I kept waking up at 5 for some reason so I could get a square done before starting my day, I seriously doubt that will continue to happen haha!

I did finish the bottom row a few days ago, so I was able to put this together and see the size of it. This blanket will definitely be very big! Probably a little too big, but I’d rather have that than too small. And it’s pretty funny, there’s a noticeable difference in the size of my first squares (in the bottom left corner of the picture) vs what I do now. Pretty crazy how much my gauge has loosened in that time, especially since I still consider myself a fairly tight knitter!

And it doesn’t look like this, because there are a lot of ends in the picture, but I finished weaving in all the outstanding ends! The ones you see there will get woven in as I go (thanks weavin’ Stephen method!). So that will make actually finishing this and seaming it hopefully go a lot smoother!

Also, knitting friends are awesome because now I have a nice refreshed pile of minis to add to the blanket! I also bought some mini sets from Etsy. I’m sure some people like only using yarn they personally used, but with the number of squares I want to do, that just won’t work!

Have a great weekend all! I’ll be back Sunday with a YoP update and more details on the other projects I’ve been working on this week.


  1. This is beautiful, I love how it’s taking shape. Even though you’re adding some purpose bought skeins in, it’s incredible to think what can be made with ‘leftover’ bits of yarn. I look forward to seeing this finished and wish you well with your schedule. 5am knitting is not for the faint hearted and should be considered an extreme sport!

  2. Love how your blanket is coming along! I’ve been wavering between the Cozy Memories pattern and the Granny Stripe for my leftovers. Seeing how your project is coming along I’ve decided to do the Cozy Memories!

  3. Woohoo! It’s looking great – such a fun mix of colors in it already. It’s going to be epic when it’s finished! Good luck with your theater things. It takes a lot of effort at any point, but definitely a lot of logistics here in the time of COVID!

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