Lots of Babbling- YoP 21/22 – Week 28

Happy Sunday! Checking in today with a Year of Projects post. Year of Projects is a group of bloggers who plan their projects for the year and then blog about their progress weekly, usually on Sundays. You can find my list for the year here.

I don’t actually have too much to write about today, because yesterday I recorded a podcast! Plus nothing looks too much different than in the post I shared Friday which has some details. It’s been a really enjoyable week of knitting, I’m working on a lot of different things which is super fun right now after spending all of December being incredibly monogamous on my Cempasùchil top. Speaking of which, here’s a quick pic of it in the wild this week. I’m going to do a full write up closer to pattern release in the fall.

Anyway, here’s the podcast. It kind of gets a ramble-y there at the end, if you care only about knitting content, feel free to tune out after 25 min or so.

I hope you all have a great week! Are you working on a lot of different projects or focusing on one or two things?


  1. Fun! Monogamous knitting feels so productive but it isn’t great blog/podcast fodder necessarily. 🙂 I am definitely working on several different things right now, but I’m enjoying all of them!

  2. Loved seeing you again and all those lovely projects. Your colourways are gorgeous. Congratulations on the show. You have such exciting things on the go.

  3. Ooh, good, a podcast to watch when I settle down to knit later. The finished top looks great. I know myself too well to stray from monogamous knitting, especially when I’m knitting for someone else as I am now.

  4. A podcast? You are ambitious! Love your knits…the top is a great color and goes really well with your cardigan. It is a constant battle between wanting to make “all the things” and remaining focused so you can actually finish something. Have a great week!

  5. I will give your podcast a watch tomorrow to see your knitting. I am becoming a bit more of a monogamous knitter. But I have to have something easy and something more challenging, preferably an accessory and a sweater.

  6. There’s such an interesting texture on the cardigan and I can’t tell if that is coming from the yarn or the pattern. Your short sleeve top is nice too and they go well together.

  7. I’m always amazed how quickly projects get finished when I’m only knitting one thing at a time. 😉 But that doesn’t happen very often because I like the variety, LOL. Your top looks great!

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