FO Friday – Zadie Jumpsuit

Hello friends! It’s opening night for the show I’m stage managing, and what better way to celebrate by finishing off a sewing project I can wear backstage!

This is the Zadie Jumpsuit by Paper Theory. I made it with some basic black cotton/ poly broadcloth, and a lace fabric I overlayed on the bodice. I cut the size 24 legs and size 22 top.

I totally love how this turned out! It’s so chic and easy to wear. I’m really glad I added the lace, I think that makes it a lot more fun and adds some variety between the top and the bottom. While I love a good jumpsuit, sometimes I feel they’re a lot in one fabric so that little something more is nice. This did take me a while to make. I traced and cut pattern pieces Monday, cut most of the fabric Tuesday, did a little bit Wednesday, and did most of the sewing Thursday and Friday.

If I make this again, which I could see myself doing, I would probably lengthen the legs a little bit so they are more full length. The hips are also a little wide, so I would try and taper those a bit. It does fit well at the waist though. This is where I’m trying to get better at sewing, adjusting patterns to fit me better. I carry all my weight in my belly, so when things fit there, they are often too big in the chest and hips. Doing a size down in the top did help a bit with that.

Doing the prep work for this was a bit more enjoyable then it usually is for me. I took everything off my standing desk and so was able to use that to trace and cut. Using weights instead of pins also helped things go faster!

I also had some fun making TikTok videos each day with the process of making this! I’m backstagekath over there, but here’s the last one.

In other life news, this week has been hectic with the show, but I’m really excited about tonight and think it will go really well! We have shows tonight and tomorrow, then Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the next two weeks. I’ve loved this process, but definitely looking forward to some more free time! This afternoon, I’m enjoying the suddenly warm weather and watching March Madness out on my porch.


  1. Love the butterfly details. Looks amazing and very practical. Fingers crossed for you tonight and for the rest of your run. Lovely to see you again.

  2. I hope opening went well! I do miss the excitement of being backstage on opening day of a show. And your jumpsuit looks great! I love the lace accent. I never thought about using weights like that instead of pins, though. Anything to make the cutting stage go faster is a win to me!

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