WIP Wednesday – All Blanket, All the Time

After not knitting for large chunks of May, June, AND July, in the past 10 days or so I’ve found my stride again. And I’ve been knitting basically nothing but blanket squares, and a lot of them! Since last Sunday, I’ve knit 33 squares! Yep, that’s an average of more than 3 per day. Fun! This mindless, colorful knitting is just what I need right now. Here’s a pic from this afternoon, the heat had finally cooled a little bit and I could enjoy an hour or so on my porch.

And because I’m me, I couldn’t help spending some time in the evenings this week playing around with my Excel tracking tool and conditional formatting to make the following. On the left you’ve got my tool where now I fill in which day I complete a square, and then it fills in the checkerboard with color so I can see it fill up. On the right I’ve got my “heat map” which kind of shows how I’ve worked towards finishing the blanket up. I think that view will be super cool once I’m fully done!

So does all this work mean I’m going to finish by the end of the year like I originally planned? Well… probably not if I’m being honest. These super productive few days don’t change the fact that I still need to average 37 squares per month before the end of the year, and I don’t think that pace is sustainable. In addition to still having most of a Rheinbeck sweater to make, I start rehearsals for another show I’m stage managing in September. But on the flip side, I have a vacation coming up with no real plans and the potential for some long conference calls on the horizon. So we shall see!

I hope you’re having an awesome week, avoiding the heat, and enjoying what you’re working on!


  1. Your blanket is looking great! You are really making progress! Speaking of which, I love your progress tracking too 🙂 Your outside setup looks really lovely – hope it cools off enough so that you can do that more often!

  2. Look at that blanket! And look at you go! This has been such a fun project to follow. I still haven’t touched mine in a couple of years — eep! Enjoy your knitting 🙂

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