Sew FO Friday- Otis Overalls Again!

Happy Friday! Figured I’d pop in to share a recent sewing FO.

These are the Otis Overalls by Sew Liberated. I made these for the first time about a year ago, so it was nice to come back to a pattern. A friend wanted to have a sewing day last Saturday, so I looked at what I had where I didn’t need to go to the store, and came up with this. I had bought the fabric originally for a jumpsuit, but ended up making that out of different fabric, plus that pattern needs bias tape and I didn’t have any. So we landed on this! I am all for the lazy sewing.

I made two changes from the last time I made these. These are designed to be an ankle length hem, and the pattern said it was drafted for someone 5’5″, so since I am 5’4″, I took an inch of the pants the first time. But, my first pair has always felt a little short, so I lengthened it back out and I like this better. I also did the top straps as buttonholes rather than sewing those in. This was actually my friend who is a new mom’s idea for breastfeeding, I don’t need that in my life but it makes it a little easier to get on and off and I love how the wooden buttons look with this color.

I was a bit of a lazy sewist in the making as well as the planning. The pattern as written is a little fussy, with basically every seam felled and crazy things happening with the pockets. With the help of my friend Leah, I abandoned all the fussiness and just did normal seams and pockets.

There’s something really freeing about that though. Somehow with sewing, I am able to let go a bit of my perfectionism and just make the thing. I wanted a pair of pink overalls and I made them and here they are. It’s ok that the seams aren’t perfect and the buttonholes are slightly too small and the one seem I did bother felling looks really messy. I think it’s because I don’t really consider myself “good” at sewing, so I don’t mind if things are a little off. My pastor gave a sermon about perfectionism last week, and so I’m trying to live into the mindset of not being too worried about every little seam.

Making these also confirmed that I really want to get a serger, so I can serge all the pattern pieces and not have to worry about zig zag stitching all the seams. Yay for more efficient (ok, not lazy) sewing. While I only got about half these done Saturday, it was still a lovely day of sewing, baby cuddling, and friendship.


  1. Kath, you are amazing – what great overalls! And I love your reflection on perfectionism (a family, trait, I think :)) I’m going to listen to your pastor’s sermon!

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