Sock It To Me Monday – Fun Finishes!

Hi everyone! It has been way too long! I don’t feel like writing a bunch of reasoning but things are pretty good here, I just haven’t dedicated much time to this space. I’ve been doing a lot more cross stitch/ embroidery as of late, and have been doing very little knitting so there hasn’t been too much to share. I’ll show off some of those projects eventually, and I have all summer pretty much free so maybe I’ll be more engaged here. No promises though, as I’ve said from day one that I never really expected to do this as consistently as I’ve actually managed to do over the past 2.3 years.

Anyway, I finished two pairs of socks this weekend so I thought I’d show them off!

  • Hermione’s Everyday Socks
  • Casual Fashion Queen Sock in a Studio Ghibli club colorway
  • Cast on 6/10/22, cast off 7/14/22

These were socks that I worked on mostly on my trip to Seattle! I did most of the knitting on the plane ride there, and then worked on them at various points throughout the trip. I finished one whole sock during the week and then second one slowly in the few weeks since we got home. Nothing too special to say about these, they were just great take around knitting.

  • Self created pattern
  • Teenybutton studio sock in a club colorway
  • Cast on 5/5/22, cast off 7/15/22

Similar to the first pair of socks in this post, I made one of these on vacation (this time to Cape Cod) and then took a while to finish the second. I decided to make the cables traveling in opposite directions for fun. I think there were definitely some mistakes made in the second sock, the biggest of which was that i decreased to 64 st instead of 68 after the gusset. But hey, they’re socks for myself so who cares? The smaller sock does still fit ok on one of my feet haha.

So that’s my update! Like I said, things are pretty good here. The spring and summer have been a bit busy so far but I’m free for the month of August and am looking forward to lots of crafting time! I have another solo week in Lake Placid I just booked and I plan to do my Rheinbeck sewing again during that time.


  1. I love your self created pattern, you should write it up and sell it on Ravelry or elsewhere, it looks lovely. You can’t go wrong with HES though, I have so many pairs of those.

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