Unraveled Wednesday 8.11.22

Hello friends! I hope everyone’s week is going well. Mine is a bit busy, I’m spending my days learning all about basic data analysis and it’s going really well! The class is definitely a lot of info all at once, but I’m finding it fun. The first day I was able to knit a lot, but since then there’s a been more hands-on activities. But some plenty of knitting and reading has been happening, so I thought I’d check in with the folks over at As Kat Knits.

Knitting-wise, this week I’ve been working on my blanket and Bee’s Knees. I finished Musselburgh Sunday night, so I’ll show that off on Friday for a FO post. While I’ve done one or two squares every day this month, I got a little bit freaked out about the timeline for Bee’s Knees (it needs to be done by 10/15 for Rheinbeck), so I’ve been trying to make a dent on this each day. I’m about halfway through the body, so feeling pretty good! I think I’m going to add some pockets on this now.

I also have to show off my slightly new and improved “heat map” for my blanket. It occurred to me that I could use the colors of the bi pride flag, so of course I did that!

I finished Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid. I was just kind of eh about this one. I enjoyed the premise and storytelling, and it make me want to listen to the made up music. But I didn’t connect too much with the characters. I think it was good but not un-put-down-able. I’m pretty sure I saw this one when it came out
Ok, so I read Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood in a day on Sunday. I bought this book earlier this spring because a dyer I love had a club colorway based on it. My teal cable socks are actually that yarn. Anyway, I didn’t get around to reading it then, but I thought I’d give it a try. It also showed up on a list of asexual rep books, which I’m always going to be interested in. So this book made me laugh, and it was a quick read, but that’s about all I can say in its favor. I just don’t think fake dating romance is really my cup of tea. I can see why people like it, I’m just not really one of them
Still working my way through listening to the Flavia De Luce series, I’m on to the third. I love, love, love the character of Flavia, especially as narrator. I’m struggling a bit to find time to listen to books this week, as my knitting is simple enough that I can be reading, I get a little distracted when I’m listening to something and doing low thinking knitting.
My other current read is The Witch King by H.E. Edgmon. I found this book through the #ReedQueerToo2022 challenge I’ve been doing this year. It’s been really awesome to have the majority of my reads include LGBTQIA+ characters and stories. I’m still pretty early into this one, but it’s a cool premise and I’m enjoying it so far.

Enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. That heat map is really cool! And I love all the reading you’ve done! Sorry that Daisy Jones was sort of a miss for you… I think I would have felt like you if I would have read it, but found the audio to be an amazing performance. Here’s to another great week!

  2. Your Bee’s Knees is looking great! And wow – you are making a lot of progress on your blanket! Thanks for sharing the book reviews – they sound pretty interesting 🙂

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