August WIP Wrap-Up

I can’t believe it’s September! I’m looking forward to fall and some more knitting appropriate weather. But I got a lot of great knitting done in August so let’s talk about it!

WIPs/ UFOs on August 1: 6

(Grandma Shawl, Larksfoot Blanket, Corstorphine, Bee’s Knees, Sizzle Pop, Musselburgh)

Projects cast on in August: 1

August 1 WIPs

(Fall Stripey Socks)

Projects cast off in August: 1


Projects frogged in August: 1

(Larksfoot Blanket)

WIPs/ UFOs on August 1: 5

(Grandma Shawl, Corstorphine, Bee’s Knees, Sizzle Pop, Fall Stripey Socks)

September 1 WIPs

Blanket squares completed: 38

New Blanket count – 342 (71%)

September 1 blanket

Total Stitches in July:  82,793

Days stitch goal met (goal changes daily based on what’s needed to meet yearly goal): 21

Projected 2022 YE stitches: 853,302

August was odd because it actually didn’t feel like I did a whole lot of knitting, but this was a pretty average # of stitches to hit in a month. I think because I concentrated really on two main things- the blanket and the sweater, and since neither of those are done, it doesn’t really feel like a ton of progress. The sweater especially builds slowly because of the total lack of stockinette. I’m still a little bit worried about getting this done on time with rehearsal starting, but I think I will be ok. I haven’t done my usual thing of plugging in all the stitches because I need to figure out how many stitches will be in the shawl collar and sleeves. But a placeholder of 50K stitches still has me at a manageable # of stitches per day. This will take up most of my knitting time in September.

The blanket is down to 34 or 35 squares per month if I want to finish by the end of the year, which is definitely doable in theory. Last time I did a show, the first month of rehearsals I actually got a lot done, and since they don’t really start in earnest until the 18th, I am hoping I can get 38-40 done again this month. It might be a little hard with the sweater, but we’ll see. The sweater is definitely going to take priority, but it’s nice to have a more mindless option.

I’ll finish off as I usually do with my 1SE video for the month. I hope you all had a wonderful August and have some fun things planned for September!

August 1SE


  1. A successful month. Have to admit I do like to keep the number of projects on needles low so that I’m focused on finishing projects. Everyone’s different but for me I get stressed by too many unfinished items. Your sweater looks great. Cute baby!

  2. Great progress this month! In your first picture, I kept trying to figure out what the project in the lower left was… only to realize it was a project bag with a knitting design printed on it. 😉

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