FO Friday – Zadie Again!

Happy Friday! Hope everyone here in the US is looking forward to a great long weekend. I have a pretty chill one planned, with lots of knitting and seeing some friends.

While on my vacation last week, I made another Zadie Jumpsuit! This one was made with short sleeves, in this awesome fabric which looks grey from a distance but up close is this cool tweed with slight pops of color. It was fun to make this again, because I was definitely a lot more comfortable with certain things, especially the pockets. I also added lining fabric, because the main fabric was going to be a little annoying next to my skin. Plus it gave the opportunity to use this cool teal flowery fabric which matches the color of my Bee’s Knees sweater. Like last year, I plan to wear this to Rheinbeck under my sweater so it’s just ALL THE HANDMADE.

I made a size 22 in the top, and a size 24 on the bottom, which is the same thing I did last time, mostly because I didn’t feel like fussing with tracing and cutting new pattern pieces. But I do feel like I need to try and get this to fit a little better. It is slightly tight around the tummy, but you can see in the pictures above that it does kind of bunch around the top of the chest. Plus, I had to double pleat the waist to get it to match in size. So I think I might try and edit the pattern piece so the top goes from 22 to 24 within itself. I also would make the belts a little longer, just so the bow is a little more bow-like. On this one, I might eventually take down the rolled cuffs and add black bias tape, so the neck binding doesn’t seem so out there. I’m glad I didn’t make the bias table out of the main fabric, because it would have been very hard to work with, but it does mean the neck binding stands out.

I’ll finish off with a little video I made documenting the second day of sewing this!


  1. It looks wonderful! The fit looks good except maybe around the shoulders. I wonder if you need to go down a size there. The great thing is you are learning how to make adjustments so that you love wearing it. Can’t wait to see it with your sweater!

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