So Close!

Hey y’all! My knitting life has been a little odd lately. I’m working on a few things and I’m definitely making progress, but nothing I’m super duper excited to work on or really enjoying that much. I have two pairs of socks on the needles that are sort of my “take with me” knitting, a big sweater for Rhinebeck, and then of course the blanket. I’m making great progress on the blanket and while I’m excited to finish it, it’s not exciting to work on. But my Rhinebeck sweater, Bee’s Knee’s, is the focus of today’s post.

So this is really close to done! All I have left to do is knit the pockets, and then finish it off by attaching the pockets and some buttons. I think I might even be able to finish the knitting tonight! But this sweater just hasn’t really brought me joy while I was making it. Some of it is fit – I didn’t do a gauge swatch and chose a larger size, I think I could have either gone a pattern size or needle size down. I’m actually not planning to block this other than steam block the cables open a little, because I’m afraid it will grow a bit too much. I also picked up WAY too many stitches on the arms, but I hate doing 3/4 stiches so I was then forced to decrease pretty aggressively, so the sleeves look a little wonky. Because I was not really feeling it, it took me almost two weeks to knit the first sleeve, thankfully the second went much quicker because I knew where I was headed, and I finished almost all of that one this weekend.

But I think it will end up being perfect for Rheinbeck, and then we can go from there. It will look great with my jumpsuit, and I definitely love the fact that it’s a cardigan, because recently I’ve been wanting those more in my wardrobe compared to pullovers. I’m also glad I’m finishing this before next week, because I’m doing the WestKnits MKAL, and you need just about all your knitting time to be devoted to that if you want to keep up. More on that project soon, I’m really looking forward to singing my teeth into something a little more complex!

So you ever feel uninspired by your projects? How do you push through?

Other than that life is going pretty well! We started rehearsals for the next show I’m stage managing last week, and I think it’s going to be really good. It’s always a bit of a transition to go back to being out until like 10 multiple nights per week but we’re getting there. I’ll finish off with a couple of fun friend pics from the past week.


  1. I think the sweater looks great and the sleeves are fine. I’m betting it’s a beautiful color on you. Have fun at Rheinbeck. I was out of town for our local fiber festival although I certainly don’t need more yarn!!

  2. The sweater looks great; I’m sorry it hasn’t been brining you joy to work on. I sometimes lose interest in a project too, though, so I know how it goes. There comes a point with those projects where you have to decide between pushing through and frogging. (I’ve done both.)

  3. Your cardigan is gorgeous. I look forward to seeing you model it with your jumpsuit. Most of my projects have not been inspiring me lately. I picked up my 2 Spooky hat yesterday, though, and now I’m on the crown decreases! I’ll blog about that today.

  4. Your cardigan is beautiful! I’m sorry it wasn’t a fun knit though. I have definitely had some of those. My best thing to get through those periods is thinking about wearing whatever it is. If it’s going to be really pretty or really useful, that’s usually enough.

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