It’s Finally Done!


Wow, wow, wow.

I can’t really believe I’m finally writing this post. My giant sock yarn blanket is finally complete! I actually finished the knitting on this last Tuesday, but it took me a while to do the finishing. I had to seam the four pieces together, and then I was really behind on trimming all the ends, so I had to do that for basically half the blanket. But now it’s finished and it makes me so happy!

I’m so so so happy with how this turned out! I absolutely love that the yarn is from things I worked on, yarn given to me by knitting friends, as well as yarn I just bought to get it done. My general plan was to have a slight checkerboard pattern, with lighter squares next to darker ones.  I also tried to have color coordination between the squares.  This didn’t always work, but I definitely think it gives an overall vibe.

I knit this blanket in four quarters and seamed them all together, and I’m really glad I went with that plan. I love how the lines on the mitered squares meet in the middle, and how all the edges are the clean cast on edges. It was also so much easier to knit this way, because I didn’t have to lug around 4 pounds of blanket all the time. Yes, that’s right, this thing weighs just about 4 pounds! It also took up more than 20 days of my life, since each square usually took me almost an hour! It’s also really cool to see how the type of yarn I was drawn to changed in the almost 6 years I was working on this thing. You can see that going counterclockwise from bottom left to top right, the colors generally get a lot brighter and crazier!

And of course, because I’m me, I also tracked all the squares I did each month in Excel. Here’s my final “heat map,” showing the progress from April 2016 – Feb 2023.

You can see I really motored through the past two months, in January especially. The reason I worked so hard to get this done is a bit odd, but also really fun. At work, we have this newsletter called “The Levity Beat,” which is just a quarterly newsletter of fun little articles like random question interviews and tv reviews. My teammate is the main editor of it, and she told me she wanted me to be a feature for the beat that’s coming out in a few weeks. So I really powered through to be sure it get it done in time! And boy did I! So thanks Delaney, and shout out to any of my co-workers who may be reading this now 👋

I’m so happy this is done! It’s a big cozy blanket that will live in my craft room and I love it so much. What’s the project you’ve spent the most time on?


  1. This is lovely! It turned out so great. I’ll admit, I spent more time than I probably should have scanning your finished squares and trying to pick out which ones were made from yarn I sent you. 😉 It’s been fun watching you on this journey!

  2. Well now I want to cast on another scrap sock yarn blanket. The next time I knit one I think I’ll knit it in four pieces like you did. I think this finish deserves a podcast.
    The biggest knitting project I’ve done is probably my first sock yarn scrap blanket that is queen sized with an applied i cord edging.

  3. Well done! I love it. The spreadsheet aspect especially. You’re a knitter after my own heart. ◡̈ I see in the comment above that you have made multiples and I find that SHOCKING. I’ve been working on one for close to four years and I’m no where near complete. Anyway, just popping by to say it’s amazing.

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