February WIP Wrap-Up

Well hey, it’s been a while since one of these huh? If you couldn’t already tell, I’m trying to get back into blogging (no promises with how crazy this year is going to be) and I always enjoyed writing these and keeping track of what I knit each month. In theory, it gives me motivation to work on longer term things too.

WIPs/ UFOs on February 1: 5

(Grandma Shawl, Corstorphine, Fall Stripey Socks, Cedar Sparks Socks, Purple Afterthought Everything Socks)

Projects cast on in February: 1


Projects cast off in February: 0

(well the blanket, but I wasn’t counting that in this tracking)

Projects frogged in February: 0

WIPs/ UFOs on March 1: 6

(Grandma Shawl, Corstorphine, Fall Stripey Socks, Cedar Sparks Socks, Purple Afterthought Everything Socks, Hinagiku)

6 knitting projects in various states of completion laid out on the ground.

February Total Stitches/ Average St Per Day:  66,109 / 2,361

Stitches Needed to Meet Yearly Goal (547,500) Feb 1 vs Mar 1: 1,401 -> 1,313

Projected 2023 YE stitches: 902,070

Yikes 6 WIPs is just a little bit higher than I want it to be. I’ll be honest, I kind of forgot about my fall stripey socks until I went to write this post. That’s probably not a good sign lol. It looks like I’m just about ready to do the top ribbing for the first sock, so maybe I’ll try to get that done this week. I don’t love having three sock WIPS, but I really don’t want to rip any of them out! We’ve also gone another winter without working on Corstorphine, which I also don’t love. I’d be up to frogging that one, but the idea of fogging icelandic wool is just too daunting. Grandma has been languishing, but I actually plan to bring that with me on my work trip at the end of March. I’m going to Spokane, and I actually cast Grandma on when I went out there in 2020, so I think it will be appropriate. I probably won’t have too much time to knit on it as I have full days of work, and don’t like to work on projects that need patterns on planes because it’s just too much to deal with. But I like having something a little more engaging for at night. It will be really interesting to see how my WIP pile changes as I get into my busy season. March’s knitting will likely be primarily on Hingaiku and trying to finish off one or more of the in progress socks.

I can’t be too down on myself about having 6 WIPs, because I really always had at least one more when I did these in the past, which was the blanket! And that got cast of in February so that is super duper exciting. I’m really proud of myself for finishing that very long term project, and I’m already treasuring using it to curl up in. If you missed the FO post about that, you can find it here.

I also haven’t talked about my yearly stitch goal yet this year. Last year, I purposely reduced my goal from 1M to 750K, which still worked out to just over 2K stitches needed a day. While I ended up meeting my goal, I didn’t do it until December 31, and I stage managed two shows last year just like I’m doing this year. So this year, I decided to further reduce my goal to 547,500, which is 1,500 stitches a day. I’ve done a good job getting the average number needed down. I expect that to go back up over the next few months, and then probably drop back down to where I can meet my goal in the fall. I also want to spend more time sewing and cross stitching this year, and I sometimes felt stressed about taking my free time to do that instead of knit. So hopefully this goal is more achievable overall.

Finally, before showing off my one second a day video for the month, I realized there’s someone you all haven’t met.

A tortishell cat sits up on a cat tree with a quizical expression

This is Wasabi! I adopted her from a local shelter on New Year’s Eve. She’s super sweet when she wants to be and is a bit of a yarn demon, I have to be very careful not to leave yarn out or else it will be batted around the house until it’s a tangled mess. She took a bit of time to warm up, but will now hang out on the bed with me at night and let me pet her and give her treats.

Februarary 1SE

What’s everyone else planning to work on this month?


  1. What a darling kitty!! My girl Hannah leaves the yarn alone, but she is murder on the finished knits as she grooms them excessively until they get yarn breaks and fuzzy spots. My little knitted bee is now a ball of fuzz…

    I have so many WIPS I’m not sure I want to admit their existence. They are so stressful, in fact, I’ve taken to knitting chemo hats again as they are quickly finished and almost mindless. Here’s to you finishing things quickly.

    1. ooh i will need to keep that in mind, so far she doesn’t seem to mind my finish blankets, i think she likes batting things around more than yarn itself.

      In 2020 I cleaned shop and went from 20+ unfinished projects to 10ish, and then worked down from there. It definitely stressed me out!

  2. Such a cute kitty! I hear you on the socks; I don’t like having more than one pair on the needles at once, two only if one is complex and the other is simple, so three pairs would be a bit much for me. I love the way Hingaiku is looking! Great color combination.

    I’m hoping to get my current sock pair finished in March, too. I also have a baby sweater I’d like to get finished this month, so that I can get it to my coworker before she goes off on leave.

  3. I too found my stitch goal depressing instead of enjoyable so I switched from a daily goal to a year’s goal. I don’t feel as guilty on days I don’t get much knitting done. So far it’s okay but this is also the time of year I get a lot of knitting done. Once I get back to Ohio and have landscaping chores, knitting time gets harder to find. Your kitty is so cute. I miss mine and will be glad to get to be with her when we return to Ohio.

    1. What a handsome cat and a great companion. I love your videos and your meals always look delicious. Good luck with your knitting goals.

    2. Yeah it’s definitely nice targeting to the yearly goal. I still have a moving daily goal to help me make sure I’m staying on track for that yearly one but I don’t get stressed out not meeting it every day. Overall it tends to go down so I like seeing that. It’s nice to know that as things get busier I don’t have to work as hard to kit an exact # of stitches.

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