Summer of Stitching

After doing community theater pretty much straight for a year and a half, I have a bunch of new friends who like to do community theater. And this summer, they all decided to be in different shows. I was inspired by my friend Brendon, who made costumes for sheep stuffed animals to match people’s costumes in Head Over Heels which I stage managed in June.

So, because I have no chill, I decided to make something for all my friends to give them when I came to see their shows. From July 21 to August 26, I saw 24 people in 7 different shows, and I made a magnet for each of them. I used the Stitch People DIY Book to create little cross stitch portraits of people as their character in the show.

These were really fun to make! I used 12×18 plastic canvas and four strands of thread, doubled. Each one took me a few hours. I definitely felt like my detail got a little better as I went through the summer, bt I really love how I was able to create unique portraits and match the the vibe of the show. There were a few I forgot to get a picture of, but here’s most of them:

The Addams Family and Rent ones are definitely my favorites. With Rent, the costumer is one of my friends, so he was able to send me photos of the exact costumes and I was able to really match those. But there’s little details I love about so many of them – the pinstripes on Joe, Wednesday’s purple hair, the pointe shoes on one of the Addams family ancestors, the hair on one of the Mals, and the no shoes on the music director. I definitely recommend the stitch people book if you want to make little unique gifts for people!

I’ll finish off with a little stop motion I made before gifting the Collins and Angel ones last night.


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