Which Will I Finish First? Sock It To Me Monday 2/27/23

Happy Monday all! I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Today I figured I’d show off my two current sock WIPs. I don’t usually like to have two, but it just sort of worked out that way because they have different “vibes.”

Let’s start with the one I’ll probably actually finish first. These are the Cedar Sparks Socks by Carolyn Lisle. I actually test knit one of these back in September. Yikes, I didn’t realize it was that long ago until I just looked it up. Anyway, Carolyn is a great designer because she will often allow you to just test one sock if they are the same. So I finished the first one and then uh… just didn’t knit the second one I guess? I worked on it here and there but didn’t really put too much time on it. This is nice for office lunch or meeting knitting, which had been taken over this year by blanket knitting. So I haven’t been focusing on this in my biggest blocks of at home knitting time, but a few rows happen every week or so. This will be finished pretty quickly if I sit down and do it, so I think I’ll say that I hope to finish this one by 3/27, I’m traveling for work that week and it would be nice to bring a new pair of socks (my preferred plane knitting) on that trip.

I also have a pair of Afterthought Everything socks on the needles. I started these in January when I went to NYC. They went with me to Aida at the Met and a production of 1776. I also took them with me to a friend’s play a few weeks ago and yesterday to the concert (more on that in a sec). These are perfect for knitting to keep my hands busy, but I hate working on them any other time because tiny stockinette is just annoying when I have the ability to think about what I’m knitting. So I even got antsy working on them on the train to the city yesterday, but it seemed silly even for me to pack two knitting projects for a 12 hour day. I’m probably about 3/4 of the way through the length of the sock, so I might finish these in the next month or so depending on what my life looks like otherwise.

So yeah, about that trip yesterday… My sister was part of a the choir and Boston Philharmonic that performed at Carnegie Hall! The concert was Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and it was really great! I went down with my parents and aunt and uncle, we had lunch at a very nice French Restaurant and then headed to the concert. It was a sold out audience and the choir and orchestra sounded wonderful. On the train ride home my aunt pulled foccacia out of her bag for us to snack on which is just the most Italian thing ever. Overall it was a great day with my family!


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