FO Friday – Hinagiku Sweater

I finally got around to taking a few photos of my Rheinbeck Sweater, so I figured now was the perfect time to show it off!

I really like this one! It’s probably not the best combination of pattern and yarn, as I think the flowy-ness of this A-line swing pattern would really shine with a less wooly yarn than this is. But I LOVE the color and I can’t wait to wear it with my friend’s coordinating sweaters. It was a fun make that really only took me so long because most of my free time between March and September was spent in the theater and not in the knitting.

One thing I’m really proud of with this is the hem. The pattern calls for an i-cord bind off, which I’ve never done on a sweater before. When I started it, it was (understandably) rolling a lot since there was just a lot of stockinette preceding it. I ended up finding some macrame cord, and did the i-cord around the macrame cord. Then I cut the cord and attached the two ends with some E6000, wound them together with embroidery floss, and sewed the two icord ends around it. IT is a little bit messy on the side (you can see it a bit above) but otherwise works really well to weigh down the bottom of the sweater without loosing too much of the a-line shaping.

There’s also a few small issues, like I messed up separating the body and sleeves and the short rows are on the side and not the back, so I look a little lopsided. I also cast off the sleeve using two different bind-offs, and in general I think the sleeves could be a bit longer. But hey, you get a peek at my awesome knitting tattoo with that one so I can’t be too mad lol.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I think the sweater is beautiful, love the color and the concentric circles on the top. I doubt most people would even notice any mistakes, I certainly can’t see them :).

  2. I love-love the yoke. I’m glad that you spoke of the hem, that technique sounds super interesting. It looks great on you and your face shows how much you like it. Would have never noticed the different sleeve bind offs if you hadn’t mentioned it. 😉

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