Sock It To Me… Tuesday?

I really meant to write this yesterday but time got away from me. This will be just a quick little post talking about some recently-ish finished socks. These both happened to be gifts to fellow cast members, I gave them both away last night at rehearsal, so figured now was the perfect time!

Both these pairs started life as take with me anywhere socks. The purple are made out of Republica Unicornia BFL sock in the colorway Queen Jane. The striped are Knit Picks Felici in the colorway Punch. The purple were knit afterthought everything, meaning I start and one cuff, knit for the length of two socks, knit the second cuff, cut the socks in half, put in toes, the put in heels. I did the striped toe up with an afterthought heel as well, since I prefer to keep the pattern. The color sequence is reversed on the second sock.

So not too much to say here, but I have showed both these off here earlier so I figured I’d close the loop. I was also happy to give them to some friends who I felt needed some hand knit love, and I wanted to remember that. I think they were appreciated!


  1. Love, love, love the striped socks. Beautiful colors. I have not been brave enough to knit the afterthought heel. Need to watch some videos so I’m comfortable with it. Makes a lot of sense. Good point though how the stripes get reversed with an afterthought heel.

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