Fast FO Friday

This will be a quick like post for a quick little three day knit. The pattern is found on Ravelry and called the Helix Brioche Hat by Jonatan Tollow. I found it because it was the only free brioche hat using DK weight where the model was a man. Not that I think hats or the patterns on them should be inherently gendered, but I liked all the options and this was an easy way to pick since I made this for my friend Ryan’s birthday. The yarn I used was the single by DK from Yarn Hygge which I bought at Rhinebeck. Look at me, using Rhinebeck yarn for the purpose I intended it for less than a month out. Who even am I lol?

Here’s just a few quick snapshots from life lately. I got a new kitty, her name is Nori and she was rescued by my friends! I got her two days ago and she is so so sweet and adorable. Her and Wasabi have seen each other once and not freaked out, so I’m hopeful for a good friendship eventually. We’re ramping up to the show, it opens two weeks from today, and my costumes are due a week from tomorrow. I took last Monday off and my friends Leah and Jen came over and helped me!


  1. The hat looks great. Thanks for the reco as I want to do a small brioche project before tackling the sweater I want to knit. Your new kitty is adorable. I hope everyone figures out how to get along. Best wishes on getting your costumes completed on time!!

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