One. Million. Stitches. – YOP 21/22 – Week 11

Happy Sunday! Checking in with a Year of Projects post today. Year of Projects is a group of bloggers who plans their projects for the year and then blogs about their progress weekly, usually on Sundays. You can find my list for the year here.

Guys, I did it! A month after deciding I wanted to try and get to a million stitches over 12 months, this is what my spreadsheet looked like last night. I was helped this week by a few days in a row where apparently I didn’t knit at all last year. This makes me so happy! I’ll definitely be able to keep it over a million stitches at least today, but then things start to get a little tricky because I have a few days of more than 5K stitches which is a lot, especially tomorrow when I also have rehearsal for the show. Anyway, as a reminder, you can buy a tracking spreadsheet from my site. You can set your goal to be whatever you want, it doesn’t have to be a million! I’m hoping to figure out a way to make this more accessible since not everyone has Excel, but I’m not quite there yet.

I also finished my latest pair of test knit socks last night!

  • Pattern: Twist & Shout Socks by Bethany at Knotty Gurl Crochet, pattern will be available for free here once released
  • Yarn: Various scraps from other projects 
  • Timeline: Cast on 9/4/21, cast off 9/11/21

These are such a fun pair of socks! It’s a great way to use up scraps of sock yarn. I had never thought to use different colors for the cuff, heels, and toes, but it’s such a fun idea. It’s my favorite type of sock pattern, looks fun but easily memorized for take anywhere knitting. They also have the slightly unusual detail of a 2×2 slip/knit heel, which I hadn’t seen before.

Elsewhere in knitting land, I’m still working slowly but surely on my Ace socks and the baby blanket. I also started another test knit cowl last night.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. That’s a lot of stitches! It would be really fun to track but I know I’d struggle to log consistently, I’d need a Garmin for knitters! I love those socks and especially that heel.

  2. One million stitches!! Look at you go and I love your spreadsheet. I kept a spreadsheet one year to track how many skeins of yarn I was removing from the stash, but I think that next year I will log both stitches and stash.

    Also, I’m thinking of using some of the stash in weaving projects. That would be fun to log, too. Maybe the number of yards that went into each woven piece. 🙂

  3. WOW – congrats on reaching a million. It’s going to take me a while to approach that goal. This year was 1000 stitches per day which on average has been pretty easy so next year’s goal will be 2000 per day average which will definitely be a stretch for me. I like the little detail between the purl stitches. Is that just slipped stitches?? I have liked adding a small stripe of color after the toes (of before if you knit cuff down). Congrats on all your test knits. I can’t handle the deadline!

    1. It’s a small little two stitch cable pattern! It’s a good idea to do a small stripe like that- i have a few sock yarn sets where i only got 10 g which is not enough to do toes, heels, and cuffs, so i am trying to find ways to use color differently.

  4. Maybe Google sheets will make it more accessible? I haven’t figured out how you count your stitches. Do you add up the stitches times rows at the end of a knitting session?

    1. Yea, i like the idea of Google sheets but i need to figure out how one “sells” a google sheet because it’s not an actual file?
      It depends on the project, if it’s something like a sock then yes, I just usually multiply. But things like sweaters and shawls I’ll usually plan out in advance, since the stitch count changes. Either way I’ve gotten very good at remembering to put a locking stitch marker at the beginning of the day’s work.

  5. Wow! That is amazing…a million stitches! It made my arm sore just thinking about it! LOL! Good for you! I love those socks and the pattern sound awesome. I may have to try them. I have yet to change yarns for contrasting heels and toes and/or cuffs too. Yours are so cute! You are a fast knitter too! Enjoy the coming week!

  6. Congrats on one million stitches! And thanks for putting your tracker up for sale. I’ve been enjoying tracking my stitches so far. I’m curious, though – is the “St Dropping” column something that compares year-to-year? I haven’t been sure what its purpose is.

  7. Congratulations, that’s a lot of stitches! Do you massage and flex your hands each evening or have a hand care routine. I did maybe 700 stitches yesterday and I woke at 5am with sore hands, but I’m older than you.

  8. See? I HAD read this and WANTED to comment and then I got distracted and BAM! Missed it. Argh. Congratulations on the socks! They look super cute and happy, and I can imagine them to be a great stashbuster.
    Also congratulations on 1 million stitches!! Woo-hoo!! I have one question about the “sts dropping” column, if I may – is it what I think it is? Like, stitches you dropped? Or how does that work? (If you don’t mind sharing, that is!)

    1. Thank you! So the st dropping gets filled in once it’s been a year, it shows you how many stitches were knit that day the previous year. You need to actually knit that number if you want to keep up your rolling goal.

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