Feels Like Summer Crop

Happy Thursday! I’ve had stuff after work a few nights this week, so the week is just FLYING by! I meant to post this yesterday when the pattern was launched, but it just didn’t happen, so here we go! My latest garment test has now been published, so I’m here to show it off!

I really like this little crop! I made some mods to try and get it to fit my body better. I cast on (it’s knit bottom up) for the 52″ size and decreased to the 48″ size before dividing the front and back. I also only made the icord straps at the top shorter so it wouldn’t sit so far down on my chest. I also added about an inch to the body, again for personal comfort since I don’t wear a whole lot of cropped things. Overall it’s still a little uncomfortable for me without a tank top underneath it, but that’s a me thing, not a pattern thing!

One little tip I would have – the pattern has you make each of the cups (the back is actually exactly the same, so it’s reversible, which is nice!) one at a time. But I’ve found it’s much easier to knit them at the same time on one long cabled needle. It means you have to pull from both ends of the yarn or split it into separate balls, but for me that slight angst is worth the “ugh I have to make a whole other cup” angst. I dunno, I feel like i would get second sleeve syndrome haha. I’ve done this technique on my ripple bralettes as well.

In other test knitting news, I am slightly annoyed because I thought maybe my giant test knit was getting released yesterday but it was not. I mean I’m not too surprised because in theory we could have been posting sneak peaks about two weeks before the release date and the designer never said we could, but man, do I want to show that thing off!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Mine will be a bit busy, my show is this weekend! It’s come together really well, and I’ve had an awesome time getting to do some live theater again. The show will be live streamed for free at 6:30 eastern time Saturday September 18, and then available for free for about at week after, at this link. The show is about a serial killer who lived here in CT, she opened one of the first nursing homes in the state and started killing all her residents. The play Arsenic and Old Lace was inspired by the story. My friends have done an amazing job writing this show and I can’t wait to play a hand in showing it off to the wider world for the first time!!


  1. Beautiful knit – I love all the personalized mods you made to yours. It really looks great (especially with the bottoms you styled it with).

    Break a leg! Hope all goes off without a hitch on Saturday – very exciting!

  2. That’s a really nice tee! I don’t blame you for adding length—while I used to enjoy cropped garments, I just don’t any more. I love the lace part at the bottom of this tee, that turned out really pretty.

  3. That top looks great – and I really like your colour combo it looks so good on you! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for the testknit photographs and hope to see them in the next two posts! (Also I hope your play went REALLY well!)

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