Curling Leaves and Sewing Progress – Unraveled Wednesday 9/22/21

Hi everyone! I feel like I’m a little behind this week, last week was so awesome but so busy with the show we did, and I’m definitely coming down off that high and just trying to play catchup this week with stuff I wasn’t able to do last week.

Figured I’d check in with Kat and the folks over at Unraveled Wednesday today, as I have a quick little project to share, but otherwise not much knitting progress. I’ve also got updates on the books I was reading last time.

  • Curling Leaves Cowl by Carolyn Lisle. Pattern has not yet been released, but will be published on Carolyn’s website here.
  • Yarn: Hu Made Made DK in Tart
  • Timeline: Cast on 9/12/21, cast off 9/19/21

This was a fun little project to test! I used just about a full skien of yarn, and I don’t think I would have had enough for another repeat. As with most test knits I’ve done for Carolyn, this is such a fun pattern because it looks awesome but is so easy and repetitive, which makes it fun for me. This stitch pattern is slightly tedious, but that actually made it kind of fun to knit because it wasn’t just basic.

The other big project I’m actually working on is sewing! My friends and I are going to Rheinbeck, and when we were hanging out this past weekend, we had the crazy idea that in addition to our matching yarn sweaters, we had the crazy idea to also wear handmade things underneath them. I decided I wanted to sew a dress, I am going on vacation next week, and I was thinking of bringing my sewing machine with me. I wanted to do a little mock up, and so over the past few days I sewed this McCalls pattern. It’s not perfect (might end up as a night dress lol), but now I know what I need to do for the “real” one!

In reading land, I finished both the books I was working on last time I checked in. The Master (the biography of Roger Federer) was really interesting, and the Nine Tailors was good as well. Currently I’m reading All In, Billie Jean King’s autobiography (because I’m nothing if not consistent) and listening to The Mystery of Mrs Christie. I’m trying to get better at listening to audiobooks as I sew and in preparation for my four hour drive to vacation next week.

I know this post is a little scattered and that the pictures aren’t great, but I’m trying to stay engaged here since it’s been a little bit.


  1. That is such an awesome cowl! And you are such a brave sewer (sewist? sewer doesn’t sound so great, does it?) SEAMSTRESS! That’s the word. You are such a brave seamstress. I am so impressed at how you fearlessly tackle all of these patterns. I am always FROZEN with fear when I try to sew garments.

    1. Lol! Thank you so much! I definitely get a little scared with garments, but I also have awesome crafty friends who help me out. Like I’m bringing this dress with me Saturday to fabric shop, and my friend is going to help me figure out how to adjust it

  2. That dress looks fantastic! Hooray! It’s so beautiful and I love the lace!
    The cowl looks great, too – this is such a cool pattern, I have to make something with it again some day the last time has been a while. 😉

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