Big Stitches, Little Stitches – YOP 21/22 – Week 13

Happy Sunday! Checking in with a Year of Projects post today. Year of Projects is a group of bloggers who plans their projects for the year and then blogs about their progress weekly, usually on Sundays. You can find my list for the year here.

I actually don’t have a whole lot to share today. Since I last checked in, I have slowly and surely been working on my baby blanket, and I should finish it tomorrow (or maybe tonight if I stay up for the whole football game?). My knitting has been down a little bit, both because of the busyness that was two weeks ago, and then also because I have been drawn in a bit by other crafty adventures. As you saw in my post Wednesday, I did sew a dress this week, so that took some time! I am going to update my YoP goal to sew at least 6 garments, because I’ve already made two! I made a shirt I didn’t show off, and then this last dress. Plus I have plans to sew at least a better version of the dress and maybe a jumpsuit on my vacation. Yes, I am bringing my sewing machine on vacation because it is a solo vacation and mostly I will just be enjoying alone, free time in a place that is not my home.

Anyway, I was trying to figure out what I wanted to bring on my trip knitting wise. Like I said, I am about to finish the blanket, and I don’t want to start something big and complicated like one of my sweater/shirt stashes. The WestKnits MKAL is starting the Friday I get back, and I know from last year you can’t really do anything else with the KAL if you want to even sort of follow along! I do plan to bring my ace socks (and maybe another skein because I am nearing the end on those) for like “Sit at breweries” knitting, of which there will be a lot), but I don’t want my “me time” knitting to be just stockinette. So ANYWAY, now I’m doing cross stitch!

Weekend makes

There’s something so satisfying about switching between worsted weight yarn on size 8 needles and watching a blanket just build up, and then slowly and surely seeing little tiny stitches with string form a pattern. I have cross stitched before, I picked it up in maybe 2016/2017 or so? I really like following a pattern, and how you can get such cool images, but at the time I found it just too weird of a combination of mindless and concentration. I actually made most of that butterfly above when I was into cross stitch. I’ve recently fallen down the rabbit hole of dress history/ costuming YouTube, and the amount of hand sewing shown in those videos kind of got me feeling it again. A few years ago, I got a bunch of flower patterns sent to me from a friend’s grandma who could no longer cross stitch, and I decided that bringing one of these would be the perfect type of project I am looking for on this vacation. I know I won’t get it finished, but I’ve been really enjoying trying to finish the butterfly and I’m looking forward to working on these flowers.

multi-project chaos!

In other random news:

Last weekend, my friends and I were part of a world record at a local farm/ museum – the most people knitting “in the presence of sheep.” We had 230 people, and while the sheep were shy most of the time, it was still a great day just hanging out with fiber friends in some pretty perfect weather.

Check out this awesome mandala my friend Debbie made, and sent to her daughter Leah (wearing the blue shirt in the photo above) to assemble for a local music festival. Debbie was one of the first knitters I met in CT, in the group that eventually lead to the four person awesomeness that is Leah, Jen, Kristen, and I. Crafty friends are such a blessing.

I hope everyone has a great week filled with lots of crafting and awesomeness.


  1. Totally agree. The best friends I’ve ever had are the knitting friends I’ve met since starting to knit 5 years ago. Love the idea of a crafty vacation. Enjoy. That tulip cross stitch looks beautiful. Socks are a great vacation project too.

  2. What a fun sheep-themed outing and the weather looked PERFECT. Cross-stitch is a slippery slope – there are so many amazing designs out there right now. If you need eye candy, head over to Heaven and Earth Designs. They specialize in full coverage projects charted from some amazing artwork. I like your plans for a getaway very much. Hope you get a lot of crafting time in while enjoying some R&R. 🙂

  3. Knitting with sheep sounds like a fun meta outing. 🙂

    I love that cross stitch flower pattern, and the story that goes with it! I do appreciate when my own craft projects have some kind of history to them.

  4. Looks like a fabulous weekend. I’ve never tried cross stitch so I’m enjoying everyone’s updates on this. I watch/read a lot of historical fiction and I’m always drawn to the embroidery of the ladies at court and in their costumes. I think if I had my life over I’d definitely study textiles.

  5. What fun, packing craft supplies for a vacation! I love your cross stitch. Those pink flowers are going to be gorgeous. Love the sheep knitting! Have a great time on your vacation.

  6. That sounds like such a fun outing! Looking forward to seeing your stitching projects – embroidery and cross stitch can definitely be satisfying 🙂 That is an awesome mandala!

  7. First of all – being alone in a house sounds heavenly. I can’t even imagine it, actually! Enjoy your time away 🙂

    And that butterfly is gorgeous. Cross stitching is a great project to take on vacation – not a ton of materials but totally absorbing.

    I can’t stop thinking about a week alone in a house with my sewing machine, knitting, and cross stitch. Sigh.

  8. OMG the cross stitch picture looks great! I’m really curious how it will go for you (I haven’t tocuhed the table runner this year. ahem) The butterfly is super pretty too. It’s a fun hobby for sure! 🙂

      1. I feel exactly the same – it’s something that is DEFINITELY not slow! And I find the “mindless” aspect is nowhere as strong as it is with the fibre crafts because you have to constantly watch what you are doing. 😉

  9. Congrats on the world record. I can think of nothing more satisfying and relaxing than knitting with others in a field with sheep. Great idea and your pictures are lovely.

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