Vlogmas Days 1-7!

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Vlogmas, but it’s something a lot of knitting podcasters do. They record a few things every day in December. A lot of people do videos every day, but that seems way to much work for me, plus I work a full time office job, so a lot of the weekdays are the same. I sort of decided around day 2 that I wanted to try it out this year. So here it is – a week of Vlogmas type stuff!

I tried this a few years ago and only got to day 3, so this is a definite improvement, but we’ll see if day 8-31 happen!


  1. Hi, I like watching Vlogmas videos and have started yours on my phone. I can’t hear you well over the background music so will try again on the TV later and hope that improves it. I have lost some hearing at a certain pitch so it may not affect others. You perhaps have realised for this week but it would be easier to watch if everything is filmed and photographed in landscape. When I moved phone to landscape and there were portrait photos of videos they went minuscule. Hope this feedback is useful.

    1. Thanks Liz, that’s very useful! Yes I realized midway through that landscape is better, I am used to doing portrait for my 1SE so that takes some getting used to haha!! And good to know about the sound, I did take some steps to try to improve that but I think I’ll just need to talk louder! 😀

  2. I really really enjoyed this. Thank you. You come over as such a lovely person. I love seeing the food because it is so different to UK meals. And New York, wow. Really hope you do another.

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