Weekend in NYC – YoP 21/22 – Week 23

Happy Sunday! Checking in today with a Year of Projects post. Year of Projects is a group of bloggers who plan their projects for the year and then blog about their progress weekly, usually on Sundays. You can find my list for the year (newly updated to reflect all the knitting I’ve done so far) here.

This weekend I was in New York with my sister! We got there around 1 on Friday, and I got home at noon today. So a short little trip. I could have stayed a little longer today, but with the way the trains from NYC to New Haven/Hartford were, my options were either getting home at 12 or then not until 4, which would have made it hard for me to get from the Hartford train station to home, so I just came back early. Plus I didn’t want to lug my backpack all around the city, so it worked out.

Rose and I enjoyed lunch at a really great Thai restaurant when we got there, then after relaxing for a bit we made our way out to this bar we really like called As Is. They have a bunch of great beers on tap, and one of the ones was called Cross Stitch, so of course we had to get it! My sister has picked up cross stitching in the last 18 months, so it was perfect! We had dinner and chilled at the hotel working on our knitting and cross stitch projects.

Yesterday we met up with Rose’s friend for brunch, and then we made it to the main event – seeing Eurydice at the Met Opera. This new opera was based on a play by Sarah Ruhl, based on the ancient myth but more from Eurydice’s perspective. It was a really amazing production! I’ve sometimes found with more modern operas that the more atonal/ less melodic music is sometimes hard for me to enjoy, but this made a ton of sense with this libretto which was sort of more absurdist. Also, the music did an amazing job at setting the mood. Even in the wedding scene which on the face of it is happy, the music just had this sense of dread which set up the next events so well. And you know it’s a good production when it can produce such a common reaction. Everyone in the theater knows Orpheus is going to turn around, and yet when he did there was hundreds of audible gasps, it was amazing.

Rose went home after the show, but I stayed over last night. I enjoyed a great dinner at an awesome Peruvian restaurant, and a drink at the bar in my hotel. It was nice to get to go out a bit and enjoy some good food and work on my Patons stockinette socks.

As I’m writing this post I’m sitting and watching football and working on my Cempasuchil top. This is moving slowly but surely along the body, and I’m past the point I was last week when I had to tear it all out. I do think I might wind the yarn for the other test knit I’m working on and get started on that this week, though trying to work on both at once might annoy me more than I enjoy it.

I hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Oh what an absolutely wonderful weekend. Congrats to enjoying opera. I’m afraid it’s not for me. I enjoy the symphony and plays but not ballet or opera. Sadly while we have a great Shakespeare company in Cincinnati, I can’t understand a word they say. I do enjoy the non-Shakespeare plays they put on as well. Travel by train. That sounds so fun. Not many trains out here in the midwest. I kinda want to take the train across Canada. Need to look into it once this Covid travel issues is a thing of the past.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend get away. To sit in a pub and knit is something I keep dreaming of doing. Unfortunately, my friends who would enjoy a beer don’t knit and those who knit don’t drink. I may need to gonstag and pray I make a friend lol. Its good to see you recast on the sweater and it is well past the ribbing.

  3. This sounds like a really fun trip – and how fun you were able to visit with your sister and enjoy some opera and great food! I do miss that about living on the east coast. There’s not really a way to hop on the train and go do all of those amazing things at once without a lot of driving. Glad you had fun!

  4. What a wonderful weekend you had! I love the cross stitch beer! Your top is really coming along and looking lovely. You are such a beautiful knitter. I watched football this weekend too and neither of my teams won…so sad! LOL!

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