December WIP Wrap-Up – YoP 21/22 – Week 27

Happy Sunday everyone! This is a combo WIP Wrap-up/ Year of Projects post. Check out more about Year of Projects here.

WIPs/ UFOs on December 1: 4

(Grandma Shawl, Larksfoot Blanket, Patons Stockinette Socks, Cempasúchil)

December 1 WIPs

Projects cast on in December: 2

(Beer stuffie, tiny tree sock)

Projects cast off in December: 3

(Beer stuffie, tiny tree sock, Cempasúchil)

Projects frogged in December: 0

WIPs/ UFOs on January 1: 3

(Grandma Shawl, Larksfoot Blanket, Patons Stockinette Socks)

Jan 1 projects

Blanket squares completed: 4

New Blanket count – 139 (28%)

Jan 1 blanket

Total Stitches in November: 118,983

Days stitch goal met (goal changes daily based on what’s needed to meet yearly goal): 30

2021 year end stitches: 1,028,516

December was another month where basically all I worked on was one project. Except for two quick magnets and a few rows on my Patons socks, I knit just about all of Cempasúchil in December. This worked out great for me though, as I was able to get that off the needles ahead of schedule. January will be mostly about my new test knit, this is secret so though you won’t see much of it). I think I am also going to cast on another pair of socks. I am getting kind of bored of the stockinette socks, and the thicker/ rougher Patons yarn with the 9 inch circs is starting to annoy me. I’m not sure if I’ll frog those (feel like I probably should) or just start another pair and come back to those eventually. As I said in my yearly overview yesterday, I am hopeful to be doing more things, including stage managing a musical which has auditions this month. So total knitting may slow down or focus on more transit-friendly items. The good news is that my other test still isn’t due until mid-March, and the stitch count looks like I’ll need to get to less than 1,000 per day, even if I want to finish it before the end of February, so I shouldn’t get too stressed out working on that.

I’ll leave you all with my 1 second a day video for this month. I hope you all have a great day! Did you accomplish what you wanted to in December/2021? What will you be working on in 2022?

December 1SE


  1. I really love the progress on the blanket – it will look so good once you’re done! what musical are you going to stage? Is it something already existing, or a new production that has just been written?

    1. This is an existing show – 9 to 5, based on the movie from several years ago, and it was on Broadway maybe 10 years ago? This is still a community theater, it’s all volunteer but it should be really fun!

  2. Bet it felt great to get so much done on Cempasúchil in December so you could have a fairly clean slate going into 2022! Looking forward to seeing your projects for January and your new test knit when you can share details about it. 🙂

  3. It is such a tough decision when it comes to frogging. But if you will not wear or gift the socks then they need to go so you can knit something that brings you joy. I liked your 1 second a day video. It’s fun to see what others do in a months time. Sounds like you will be busy with the theater. Our Grand daughter is auditioning for 2 plays…..Percy Jackson and also Grease. Happy New Year.

  4. Ooooohhh…. 9 inch circs sound like not a ton of fun for socks. I could see where they would have their uses (like gloves on fingers) but in general that’s shorter than I like to knit on.

      1. With my 16″s I use two, though I do also enjoy magic loop on longer needles. I think the thing I like best about the 2 16″ circs is that it makes it easy for me to try them on part-way through without worrying about dropping stitches.

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