One Up, One Down – Sock It To Me Monday

Happy Monday!

I was winding the rest of my yarn for the test knit yesterday, and I decided I wanted to wind the yarn for my next pair of “fun socks.” I decided to make the Pebbles and Pathways Socks, and I cast on last night. I chose to use last January’s Farmers Daughter Fibers Sock Squad yarn, which is the Pinlter Sock in the colorway A New Dawn. I’m looking forward to working on these on the bus and at lunch at work!

This means I did go ahead and frog the Patons socks. While having pure stockinette socks is nice, this combo just wasn’t working for me. I do usually like working with 9 inch circulars, but this gauge was too tight for the thicker Patons yarn and it just wasn’t that enjoyable to knit. In theory, I don’t necessarily mind having two socks in progress at the same time, but I found I wasn’t really wanting to knit those socks at all, so I just frogged them.

The other reason I frogged them was because I decided to join Sarah’s Vertices Unite KAL, and if I didn’t do that, I would have had 6 projects on the needles, and I am trying to keep that number to 5 or less. My YoP list also includes taking part in two KALs, and this one seemed really fun! I had an awesome time diving through stash to try and find things that would work, and I think I was successful.

Ok somehow I’ve found stuff to post about 3 days in a row so it will probably be a while before you here from me again 😜


  1. That’s such a cute bag for your sock yarn! And a fun colorway for your next pair of socks!!

    (I hope you keep finding reasons to post despite posting three days in a row 😜)

  2. Ohhh, both of these look great! I wish you lots of fun! I think it’s best to frog stuff that you know you will NOT enjoy working on. I have to get better at that, so KUDOS for making the decision and ripping out!

    the shawl look super interesting, and you picked great yarn!

    1. Thanks! 2020 was a big year for getting over frogging, when I realized I had more than 20 wips/ufos I was like ok this is too much and frogged a bunch of stuff so now I’m much more inclined to do it.

  3. I love the look of that new sock design! It should really pop in the color you picked. 🙂 I think it sounds like you made a good choice in frogging the other socks. Why work on them if they’re supposed to be fun socks but you’re not enjoying them?

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