February Finishes – Sock It To Me Monday

Hi there everyone!

Thought I’d pop on quick to share a few sock finishes from this month since I wasn’t really blogging when i was working on them.

I really recommend both these sock patterns! I’m sure I have said this before, but my favorite type of sock pattern is one that has a texture or pattern, but that you can memorize easily. Pebbles and Pathways did just that. I actually played yarn chicken with the CC on these, I ended up having to rip back one of the cuff rows. Which is good to know for the future, though I did knit these on 1.5 mm when I usually do 1.25 mm (long story). The DK weight socks were super fast and easy. The pattern does call for you to go a size down in needle size on the cuff, which I definitely recommend. I forgot and they’re a little loose.

Do you ever get kind of into a rut with what you’re making? I made both these socks toe up, two at a time, with a heel flap and gusset. And I just started my third bottom up top in a row (more on that to come). “In a rut” is kind of more negative than I really feel about, it’s not a bad thing. I just get into moments where there are a lot of common things in what I’m working on. So when I get around to winding yarn for my next pair of socks, I think I’m going to try top down again, just for something different. There’s an integrated heel pattern that I’ve tried a few times but the fit isn’t great, so I think I might try making that fit better.

Do you have any fun socks on the needles?


  1. These are fun socks! I have a pair currently on the needles that is a vanilla sock using self-striping yarn, so that’s a bunch of fun with no effort on my part. But I also have a sock test knit pending (just waiting for the yarn to arrive) and that should be a fun sock to knit where I actually have to change colors. But to answer your other question… yes! The socks I have chosen for myself lately are all toe-up, very much me being stuck in a rut. So I’m really glad that the test knit will be top-down!

  2. The socks looks great! I know what you mean about being stuck at one point – a lot of people in the “Cold Sheep” group on rav (including me 😉 ) hit that spot at some time in February. Maybe because the excitement of January is over? (January always makes me super motivated to PLAN knitting and to CAST ON things and stuff 😉 )

    I am working on a pair of socks for myself(!!!) right now, “Quiet Folly” by Heidi Alander. It’s super fun, I highly recommend the pattern!

  3. Your socks look great! Even though you made them in the same way, they look different enough to keep things interesting. Good idea changing it up though! I am not knitting any socks right now. I plan on casting on a pair for DH within the next couple of weeks though.

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