February WIP Wrap-Up

Hi everyone! Welcome to March!

WIPs/ UFOs on February 1: 6

(Grandma Shawl, Larksfoot Blanket, Butterfly Garden Test, Pebbles and Pathways Socks, Vertices United, Vanilla Bean DK Socks)

Feb 1 Projects (the test knit is hidden but you can see how much yarn I had used – I had 4 skeins of the grey to start)

Projects cast on in February: 1


Projects cast off in February: 3

(Vanilla Bean DK Socks, Pebbles and Pathways Socks, Butterfly Garden Test)

Projects frogged in January: 0

WIPs/ UFOs on March 1: 4

(Grandma Shawl, Larksfoot Blanket, Vertices United, Corstorphine)

Mar 1 WIPs

Blanket squares completed: 6

New Blanket count – 177 (37%)

Mar 1 blanket

Total Stitches in February:  60,885

Days stitch goal met (goal changes daily based on what’s needed to meet yearly goal): 12

Projected 2022 YE stitches: 1,088,759 ⬇

2022 Stitch progression as of Feb 28

February was kind of a weird month for knitting. I didn’t have too much time with rehearsals. This was true at the end of January, but 3,4, 5, and 6 weeks into 4 weekly rehearsals feels a lot different than the first two. But I did get a lot off the needles, which feels good after casting on so much in January! March will probably be pretty focused on Corstorphine, which is a Lettlopi sweater that I bought a kit for in 2019 (or maybe 2018). I want to try and finish it before it gets too warm. I’ll also probably cast on another pair of socks so I can have something to work on on the bus. Our entire office is going back March 14th, and I’ll loose the free parking I’ve been getting. So while I’ll miss the ease of using my car, it will be nice to have 30 min of knitting per day. I also have the week leading up to the show off, so I hope to get some nice knitting, and maybe even some sewing, done during the day to relax my energy for tech week.

I didn’t even come close to doing one square per day, but I never expected to, and was shocked that I did it in January. I’m actually still on track to get quadrants 2 & 3 done this year, so I’ll keep on heading toward that goal.

What will you be working on this month?

Feb 22 ISE


    1. There’s a few reasons- the biggest one is that I don’t like how the non-cast on edges look, so this way they’re all cast on edges. And the little lines in the middle of the squares will meet up in an X which will be cool. Also I think this may help with some of the funky-ness of how my gauge has changed a bit. Plus, it just makes it easier to work on!

  1. That’s some great progress! I always loved tech week for knitting progress when I’ve done theatre—but usually because there’s not much for me to do at that point except be available. I also love knitting during shows from the booth or my ASM chair backstage, too.

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